lundi 15 septembre 2008

lon lon time!

Hi everyone!
it's been quite long i didn't write but i have few sentences to say.
Norwegian students went home for the week-end since thursday afternoon. We were so quiet for the super this day!
On friday, we had our presentations and cooking class, the muffins were so mmmmmmmmmmmm!
I had also two sleepless nights, but on the second one i did my duty so it was nice! We visited Mandal Bymuseum med Ole Asbjørne on saturday, it was amazing to see things that are more than 100years old, i just can't imagine myself that old, i think i will just be laying in my bed! And we had that søt baby Jacob!
Today, we visited NMS headoffice in stavanger, it was exciting both the visit but also to see our friends after three days and half. Oh yes the short sermon after lunsj. The museum in Misjonhøgskolen, many things from many countries around the world, the richraw from madagascar, the kjempe egg, the "lakana" and many other nice things.
Jeg også læret nye orden : "er du klar til dra på Madagascar?) a question to Jan Joseph.
å jokse
Jeg tror det er alle for i dag.

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