mercredi 3 septembre 2008

Hald Internasjonale Senter

Velkommen til Hald Internasjonale Senter!

I guess you understand this sentence. When we left home, we were told that we will eat bread all the time but i didn't know that it will be that "all the time" : twice a day, bread! nei nei nei lol!

I think i should thank God i have enough food, more than enough! there are some people, many people in this world starving, or just don't eat when they are hungry and i still find time to complain because i can eat!

Well, life at Hald is easy, not stressing, classes are relaxing! break every 45min! just amazing!

Day is long but since it's long it's not enough. There are so many things I want to do that I plan to do and those I have to do but even if I sleep in the early morning, still i'm not satisfied.Next day the same.

Some words i know?

Of course, the first day we had Velkommen! then god morgen, tusend takk, nei, ja, hva heter du?

finally, i think i have enough words for today, but here is a song i really love, we sang it the first time we went to church i Mandal.

"Ingen på jorden er himlen så nær som barnet han tar i sin favn"

Jeg snakker ikke mye norsk men jeg lærer!


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