mardi 10 mars 2009


It's been quite long time i didn't use my blog: The worst blogger ever but then last time i was talking about the crisis in Madagascar. I thougght it would be a small crisis and that after so many casualities, Malagasy people would keep their feet back on the ground and keep this statement " Malagasy people is a peaceful", i thought they would have some lessons from the previous mistakes but i was all wrong one more time. Now, i worry more about my family especially my brother. He lives in tana and everytime i know he's out it's such a worry for me. I can't imagine how they live down there but i just know that it's not in peace at all and everyone must be very carefull.
Time goes so fast, it's like february wasn't there and it's already march. In a hand it's good because time to meet the others is nearer but it's worse also because i have to be finished with my duties and have to prepare the information work. I'm looking forward to my holiday too. I think the sun will be back soon, it's no longer so cold in oslo and one thing is i lost the cable of the camera. I already tried to find in the shops in town but couldn't find one. It's impossible to upload the pictures from the cam now and will have to find a solution.

jeudi 29 janvier 2009



First i'm feeling so sorry for myself. I created another blog in this blog and i wrote some blogs there.

Since the new year (in my last blog "Meg i vinterland"), we've been at Hald for ten days. It was the gjenforening after three months away. It was so nice to see the others and hear that they love their practice places. We also had this sosial dag when we went to Lyngdal swimming pool. Social day, social pizza and social laughters.

The infield course gave me new directions, new decisions. If for the first three months i had no idea of what i was really supposed to do, now i have some. I am also decided to make some changes in my everyday life in Oslo. The winter is still there with snow but not as cold as before the new year. Is it the climate change or the worse is still awaiting?

Well, we were back in Oslo for two weeks already, time goes fast! on the next day we arrived, we met Magne at NMS office to have the program for this second term. It quiver full. I wanted to have my holiday at the end of february but i think it's better to have it after all is done. I can relax and look back to go back to Hald and meet everyone again! It will be so nice but a lot to do also to prepare the information work i think.


Let's have some review

December 13. 2008: Viva radio closed

January 17. 2009: inauguration of "Place de la democratie" and warning to reopen Viva

January 24. 2009: manifestations at "place de la democratie".

January 26. 2009: Black Monday. There started a movie-making without making-off. All the scenes are real though it's like some parts taken from a commando movie.

I was not there, I could only watch the evolution of the situation from internet. It's such a mess. I thought this was going to help us Malagasy people to have our dignity and democraty back but it turned out to be something else. None can tell what's the truth from the lies. Everyone has his and her own idea about all that but for me, this is not the way civilized people act, i never kne

w we were like that. I always thought we were peaceful people. This fight could have been done in peace like wise people do but no, i was all wrong. I was angry when some white people say we are wild but the last three days i can't disagree nomore. It's such a shame and sorrowful. Do we only know what we are going to eat now? do we only

know how we are going to rebuild this big mess? do we only think who will pay the bill? The only answer is it's US, all poor malagasy citizen, whether you participated or not in this destruction, we are all going to pay by one way or another.

Anyway, i could never realize how deep was the anger nor the hunger, but now i can't say either how hungry we will be for the coming years. None can't tell how the issue will be, where Madagascar is going with such a mentality and only God knows what is behind all that. I feel sorry for those who have lost someone in this strike, i feel sorry for the innocent people who have lost their goods, i feel sorry for those who don't know what they are doing but i especially feel sorry for those who use the poor people to solve personal problems whether it's against some people nor some personal problem in their own mind.

One of the biggest commercial center in tana!

People robbing warehouse in tulear