mardi 10 mars 2009


It's been quite long time i didn't use my blog: The worst blogger ever but then last time i was talking about the crisis in Madagascar. I thougght it would be a small crisis and that after so many casualities, Malagasy people would keep their feet back on the ground and keep this statement " Malagasy people is a peaceful", i thought they would have some lessons from the previous mistakes but i was all wrong one more time. Now, i worry more about my family especially my brother. He lives in tana and everytime i know he's out it's such a worry for me. I can't imagine how they live down there but i just know that it's not in peace at all and everyone must be very carefull.
Time goes so fast, it's like february wasn't there and it's already march. In a hand it's good because time to meet the others is nearer but it's worse also because i have to be finished with my duties and have to prepare the information work. I'm looking forward to my holiday too. I think the sun will be back soon, it's no longer so cold in oslo and one thing is i lost the cable of the camera. I already tried to find in the shops in town but couldn't find one. It's impossible to upload the pictures from the cam now and will have to find a solution.

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